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Marriott Makkah

What is a “Non-Shifting” Hajj?

Sara International Travel is the first USA and Canada Hajj group from amongst the top 10 largest companies to fully transition and offer only “non-shifting”/no aziziyah Hajj packages. This move was done after much consideration and research on how to make the Hajj easier for our pilgrims. Non-Shifting Style Hajj Package Azziyah (Shifting style) package...
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What does Mina look like?

For those going to perform the Hajj for the first time – being able to visualize what many places look like prior to going will help a lot. Here’s what the tents of Mina look like. Of course, please note these are upgraded tents that Sara Travel clients enjoy – it will differ company to...
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What Should An Intending Pilgrim Pack?

Brief List of Recommended Travel Items for Hajj Ihram Wet wipes Neosporin and bandaids Sunscreen Dramamine or any motion sickness medication Black permanent marker for labeling luggage Surgical masks Sandals or slippers Vitamin tablets Prescription drugs if needed Toiletries Bath towels face towels Hairbrush Feminine toiletries (Unscented) Cash Tums Imodium Lip balm or vaseline Pain...
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Sara Travel Hajj: Regarding Trump’s New Travel Ban

Dear community members and friends, We’ve received President Trump’s latest Executive Order. Although this order is unsurprising, a more complete analysis will take time. We are offering some preliminary guidance on who this executive order affects. We will send out more details as they become clear. Regarding Hajj and Umrah – we generally advise with certainty that citizens have nothing to...
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