England Hajj Package

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  • Hajj according to the Sunnah
  • Hand-picked scholars and leaders
  • Over 25 years of experience

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16 days
Max People : 55 spots left
Tour Details


  • 5 Star Hotels / North American Tents
  • Duration: 16 Days
  • 45 spots left
  • Departure: 14-Aug / Return: 29-Aug
  • Makkah Hotel: Hilton Convention Makkah (5 stars) (New hotel 5-7 min from Haram)
  • Madinah Hotel: Pullman Zam Zam Madinah (5 stars)


  • 4 in a room: £5999/ 3 in a room: $10,099 / 2 in a room: $11,199

Departure & Return Location

Leave from London

Package Dates

August 14-29

Please note: departure and return date could vary +1/-1 day depending on city

Price Includes

  • Round trip airfare
  • Accommodation in the 5 star Pullman Zam Zam (Madinah)
  • Accommodation in the 5 star Hilton Convention (New Hotel) 7 min walk to Haram grounds in Makkah
  • Only stay in 5 star hotels – non-shifting! No Aziziyah
  • Includes Qurbani
  • Includes Hajj draft service fee

Food & Services of this package

  • Breakfast and dinner buffets are provided in Makkah and Madinah hotels
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided during the days of Hajj
  • Dedicated office staff to cater to all pre-Hajj questions and procedures
  • Dedicated Hajj coordinator and scholar (Shaykh) for guidance throughout the Hajj
  • Dedicated Sara Travel Medical doctor for general assistance
  • Ground staff of locals assisting you throughout the trip
  • Over 5 Hajj seminars online/in-person, PDFs and a personalized guidebook

Sara Travel Exclusives & Gifts

  • Educational training and books before you depart
  • Ihram (for men) and pilgrim’s Hijab (for sisters)
  • Prayer rug
  • Backpack, shoe bag, pebble bag and Ihram belt
  • Personalized ID badges

Price Excludes

  • Document mailing costs

2 in a room - $12,899

3 in room - $11,699

4 in Room - £5999

The journey of a lifetime begins by saying "Bismillah" when you register!

August 14/15

Departure from your home city, arrival in Jeddah, transfer to Makkah via Buses. Upon arrival in Makkah, performance of Umrah, inshaAllah.

August 16-18

Daily on-going Sara Travel lectures, personal prayers, resting, sightseeing (Ziyarah tour if allowed by authorities).

August 19-23

Days of Hajj between Mina, Arafat, Muzdalifah.

August 24

Last day in Makkah – perform farewell tawaf.

August 25

Transfer from Makkah to Madinah inshaAllah.

August 26-28

Daily on-going Sara Travel lectures, personal prayers, resting, sightseeing (Ziyarah tour).

August 29

Return to your home, inshaAllah.

*Please note that this itinerary is subject to on-going changes in Hajj rules and regulations as well as dates shifting based on moon sighting changes.


  • Our journey to perform Hajj was absolutely amazing Alhamdulillah. My heart is still there. Even after a month, we still talk or think about our trip everyday. Sara Travel did an excellent job of providing the services they promised. There were some minor struggles that required patience however, patience is a requirement to perform Hajj and therefore, we had no complaints especially after we laid eyes on the Kaaba Alhamdulillah. All the group leaders were knowledgeable and explained the rituals of Hajj very well. The services provided at Mina and Arafat were excellent. I would definitely recommend this group to anyone looking to perform Hajj in the future.

    Omar Naeem
    Hajj 2016
  • Performing Hajj with Sara International Travel makes me want to go back next year again. InshaAllah! This is because of their Hajj planning and professionalism along with God’s blessing, Hajj was so easy and fun.

    Naeemur Rehman & Raana Rehman
    Hajj 2016
  • My experience with Sara was delightful. I enjoyed the afternoon lectures, by different presenters, it was helpful. Medinah was excellent, I wish I could have stayed longer. Overall I was very much happy and met my expectation.

    Gamal Aberra
    Hajj 2016
  • This was my second Hajj and was a Hajj-e-badal for my father. I do not have any complaints, you are going there to perform hajj, not a picnic, you can rate your package with as many stars you like, but you can not rate your Hajj. The only thing you can do is pray that Allah would give you alot of rewards for it. This was my second time there, Sara Travel delivered what they promised. If Allah takes me there again (which i am praying for) and if i am able to afford Sara’s package i will choose them again. Praying for a repeat trip, I am a very greatful sister. Jazak Allah Khair.

    Shahla N. Qureshi
    Several Hajj with us