Common mistakes made by the pilgrims during Hajj and Umrah.

Performing Hajj and Umrah is the most desirous moment of every Muslim around the globe. These sacred events are performed by the believers to uplift their souls, get closer to Allah Almighty, and seek forgiveness and mercy.

But amidst performing the rituals of Hajj and Umrah, the pilgrims commit some common mistakes that are not permissible and might make all your duas and hardships to perform the sacred events go in vain.

Below are a few mistakes you might want to watch out when performing Hajj or Umrah to make sure you perform your sacred events the right way and earn rewards.

Mistakes related to Ihram

Some of the pilgrims bypass the designated station of Ihram without being in the state of Ihram. This is against the command of our prophet that stipulates that every pilgrim should enter into Ihram at the station of Ihram, which lies on their route.

If someone bypasses the station, then they must either go back to the station of Ihram and enter into the Ihram or must make expiation by sacrificing a sheep in Mecca and feeding all its meat to the poor.

This condition applies to all the pilgrims traveling to the sacred land regardless of their means of transport, that is air, sea or by land. In case one didn’t pass through one of the five designated stations of Ihram. Then he should enter into Ihram at the point that is nearest to the station of ihram.

Mistakes related to Tawaf

1. It is obligatory to start the tawaf from the black stone, not from any other site than black stone.

2. Performing tawaf inside the Hijr of Ismail, this means going around a portion of Ka’bah rather than moving around the whole of it and is completely invalid.

3. Doing Ramal, which means taking quick short steps during all the seven circuits. The Ramal is done only during the first three of the Tawaf of arrival.

4. Struggling, pushing, injuring to kiss the black stone, such violence is not permissible. It is important to know that the tawaf remains perfectly valid without kissing the black stone. The Sunnah is to touch it or kiss it only when it.

5. Raising voice above the voices of others, whether in leading or following the tawaf as it may confuse other pilgrims.

6. Struggling to pray at the Station of Ibrahim. It is all good and enough to pray the two rakaats of tawaf after completing tawaf anywhere in the sacred mosque and not specifically at the station of Ibrahim.

Mistakes related to Sa’y

1. Pilgrims when climbing the Safa and Marwah face towards the K’abah and gesticulate towards it with their hands raised, saying “Allahu Akbar” as if they are enchanting takbeer for salat. This gesticulating is an error because our beloved Prophet raised his palms only for supplication. So, it is preferable to recite the dhikr that Prophet recited at Safa and Marwah.

2. Accelerating the pace throughout the complete distance between two hills while the sunnah is to accelerate the ace only between the two green posts and walking at a normal pace the remaining way.

Mistakes related to throwing pebbles

1. Pilgrims hurling the pebbles with rage and force at the stone pillars. However, this ritual of throwing pebbles is merely prescribed as a means of remembering the almighty.

2. Some pilgrims throw big stones, prices of wood or shoes, which is an excess in the matter of religion which our beloved Prophet prohibited and throwing of pebbles of the size of good beans is only allowed.

3. Crowding and fighting while throwing the pebbles is not permissible. It is prescribed to be gentle and throw the pebbles without hurting anyone.

4. Throwing all the pebbles in one throw is an error. The scholars prescribed that this would be counted as only one throw, and Shari’ah prescribes throwing of pebbles one by one, reciting “Allahu Akbar” at each separate throw.

5. If one is capable of doing the ritual by himself, he is ought to do it and not appoint a proxy to throw the pebbles, simply due to fear of the crowds and hardships. Only the weak and sick individuals are permitted to have the proxy for this ritual.

So, these are a few of the mistakes you will need to watch out and keep from. A good option to perform your sacred event in the most successful and righteous way is to acknowledge yourself with the guides by scholars on how to perform Hajj and Umrah. After all the more you research, the more gather resources to perform it in the right way.

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