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Madinah First Arrival

Madinah or Makkah first?

Most information you’ll hear about the Makkah (Jeddah) airport vs Madinah’s airport is often out-dated and filled with horror stories. It’s true in the past the arrival to Jeddah airport was often long and tiresome in comparison to Madinah, however, while still a bit more intricate – it is much simpler and straight forward these days. Madinah’s airport procedure is fairly less crowded and easier – and many will prefer to go to Madinah first for this reason. On the other hand, some will prefer to go to Makkah first, perform the Hajj, then go to Madinah last, knowing they have completed their Hajj and can relax and focus solely on worship and preparing to return home. The choice is honestly yours. 

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