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Documents Needed

Credit Card Approval Form

Pilgrims charging their credit card must use this form. Credit Card can only be used to purchase the ticket portion of the trip.

Download Form

Terms and Condition Form

A PDF version of the terms and conditions can be found here. Click to download. 

Shahadah Certificate

If you converted to Islam you will need to obtain a certificate of conversion from your local Islamic Organization or Masjid. Click here to download form.

Certificate of Meningitis

The Meningitis vaccine must be administered by a licensed doctor prior to submitting the visa application form.

Copy of Marriage Certificate

If you are traveling with a spouse a copy of the marriage certificate is needed as proof of marriage. (It will need to be translated if not in English)

Copy of Birth Certificate for Minors

A copy of the birth certificate will be needed for child accompanying a parent.

Passport & Green Card

A Valid Passport is defined as not expiring for at least 6 months after your trip to Saudi Arabia.

Passport Pictures

Our office requires 4 (Four) passport sized pictures with Name & Passport # written on the back of each.

Ministry of Hajj: Hajj “Tax”

This is an electronic payment Sara Travel makes on your behalf. It is paid to the Ministry of Hajj – we will add this to your invoice. Sara Travel will process this for you.

Zabihah (Qurbani)

A sacrifice is needed for the completion of the Hajj. We will add this to your invoice. Sara Travel will process this for you.

Note: Acceptable forms of payment are cash and check. Mail all payments to our office at 106-08 liberty avenue, Ozone Park 11417 NY. Please call us before you send a payment.
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