Do’s and Don’ts in Umrah for Women Pilgrims

Irrespective of the age bracket, the women planning to perform Umrah need to know the basic rules and regulations, steps, and procedures. All the rules and regulations do not imply on the little girls. There are few clothing, visa ad Islamic requirements that need to be met to perform Umrah successfully.

Traveling to Umrah

Unlike men, traveling to Umrah for women has a list of things that needs consideration. Some of the significant rules are for Women to travel to Umrah should not have their periods coming or have their menstrual cycle completed as she will be abstained from performing Umrah during her periods. Secondly, they are supposed to have any of their Mahram accompanying her on this sacred journey.

Mahram and its importance for women to perform Umrah

Well, this could be quite controversial about why women can’t perform Umrah on their own, and men can. A few significant laws and rules stipulate and provide evidence of women not performing Umrah alone. A woman’s visa is rejected if not applied with a male passport.

For a woman, Mahram’s principle is important as it regulates human interaction and demarcates the boundaries of permissible human interactions and social activities. The Umrah has millions of people performing it from all over the world. Hence, with the influx of many people, a single woman is likely to be harassed by men during a typical interaction; with this comes Shaitan and evils. So, it is always safe for Women to have their Mahram’s accompanying them to avoid unlawfulness and save a woman’s virtue.

A woman can have the following relations under Mahram’s category, which they can have accompanying them during Umrah and Hajj.

  • Father, Mother, Brother, Sister
  • Grandparents, great-grandparents
  • Children, Grandchildren, and great-grandchildren
  • Uncles, Aunts, great-uncles, and great-aunts
  • Nephews, Nieces, Grand nephews, great-grand nephews
  • Parent-in-laws
  • Sons-in-law and daughter-in-laws
  • Stepfather, Stepmother, and stepchildren
  • Rada (milk sucking Mahram)


However, the men accompanying a woman are also subjected to follow a few strict rules. Men have been bestowed as the women’s guardians, and the women during Umrah need to make sure they are close to their counterparts.

Women and their clothing during Umrah

When it comes to clothing during Umrah or Hajj, women have no obligations but cover their bodies. Ihram means the covering of the main organs. So, women are allowed to wear decent cloth and not specifically the Ihram. And, during Umrah, women are not even allowed to wear any veil and gloves. Ihram for women is more symbolic during Umrah, and a woman needs her husband’s permission to wear an Ihram.

Exceptions for Women during Umrah

There are few differences, in fact, the main exceptions for women during Umrah regarding approach and method. But the main activities and performing Umrah remains the same.

  • Ihram is a stipulated method for men, and for women, this is not the case. Women only have to be covered.
  • Women in their periods need to abstain from performing Umrah.
  • After completing Sa’yi, males have to shave off their heads, but women have an exception in such cases. Women are told to cut their hair length of a fingernail. This embolism that the women have participated in the ritual.
  • Al-Idhtebaa and Al-Raml are for men only.
  • Talbiyah is said loudly by men and in a low voice by women during the rituals.

Briefing up the rules for Women during Umrah

  • Women need to have their Mahram accompanying them and need to be adequately covered.
  • Women in their menstrual cycle should abstain from participating in Umrah. They need to be pure and clean during Umrah activities.
  • Though Muslims have the privilege to perform Umrah throughout the year, it is advised for women to plan their trip accordingly to avoid inconveniences.
  • There is no remarkable acceptance of Ihram for women; women can wear regular clothing and wear stitched clothing, unlike men. But the silk can’t be worn during Umrah.
  • Jewelry and makeup are not permissible during Umrah
  • Women are not supposed to cover their faces during Umrah.
  • At no cost during the Umrah, the women should lose their modesty and stay pure and clean, following all the rules and procedures.

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