6 Essential Family Travel Tips for Hajj and Umrah.

Performing Hajj and Umrah with the kids can seem to be a daunting task for parents. Traveling with a family to hotter countries requires planning and coupling to make the most of the pilgrimage while performing all your responsibilities right takes even more thought and planning.

1. Prepping together

Since you will be performing Hajj and Umrah with your kids, they need to be aware of the trip, the rites, and duas. Talk to your children about the sacred journey, how the trips are different from any other vacation, and prep them spiritually.

2. Recollect your previous travel experiences and list out essentials

There might, for sure, be a few moments in your previous vacation where you’d regret not bringing something for your kid. So, it’s always better to prepare a checklist to ensure you have all the stuff you and your family will need in there.

3. Packing

Consider packing for your overall trip, and specifically for a while you are at Mecca and Medina.

Here is a list of stuff you may find helpful for your Hajj and Umrah trip with the family.

1. First and foremost to be is the ID badges, with the kid’s name, hotel’s name, and the phone number on it.

2. Slippers, Sunscreen, napkins, wipes, and Vaseline (especially for the men and boys to apply in between their legs).

3. Emergency snacks, sweets, or energy bars for a burst of energy or to divert the tantrums or when stuck outside in busy times.

4. Regular medications and first aid kit.

5. Ihram, grooming stuff, and comfortable clothing. Make sure you cut your hair short before leaving for Hajj and Umrah to be a quick and straightforward job after your Hajj and Umrah.

4. Wise traveling

Compromise with the traveling light and make sure your daily travel bag is capable enough to fit all your everyday needs. Ensure that each adult and kid carries a bottle of water, snacks, and wipes. Also, make sure to pack a prayer mat, because your kids may want to lay down and the marble floors there are tough and hot during the day. Also, pack the spare plastic bags to bag up the food remains or dirty napkins.

Always make sure to stay near to the Harem to minimize the traveling distance and make the most of the pilgrimage. And since there’s a different men and women section after a certain point of time, plan a meeting point after the salah meets the mahram to minimize the waiting time.

5. Track and review your spiritual goals

Amidst all the packing and traveling, it is essential to remember the purpose of the visit. To keep yourself and family-focused, pan a few specific goals and review them daily. Make sure the goals planned are realistic for the time and the level of responsibilities you have. Prepare your particular goals according to the duration of your pilgrimage and track them daily in a small journal book to ensure that you are making the most of your journey.

6. Learn Basic Arabic phrases

You may not find the English-speaking guards at every gate, so you need to learn a few Arabic phrases that may be useful in scenarios where you need help in finding the direction to the bathroom or to find a wudu area, or for any necessary purposes. Also, the signage in haram has directions written in Arabic. You may find it challenging to figure out if you are unaware of essential Arabic words or phrases.

So, these were a few travel tips when you are traveling for Hajj and Umrah with family. Never take the task of taking children to Hajj and Umrah as a stressful one. Taking the children to Hajj and Umrah will leave them with an excellent memory and acknowledge them about the culture, religion, and purpose of life. As long as you have the tips, and successfully follow them, there is no need to think that it is a stressful affair.

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