Good Etiquettes and Manners of Eating and Drinking in Islam

1. Wash your hands before taking your meals. It is in keeping with the rules of cleanliness and neatness that your mind should be satisfied with your hands’ cleanliness before starting the meal.

2. Say “Bismillah Hirrahma Nirrahim – In the name of Allah the most beneficent and merciful” before starting the meal. The meal which is not consecrated by the name of Allah is made lawful by the devil himself.

3. Do not lean against anything when sitting down for a meal. Sit in a humble position with your knees raised or joint on the floor or with one knee prostate and the other raised. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to sit in this posture for meals.

4. Always eat with your right hand. However, the left hand may be used simultaneously with the right hand if needed.

5. Use three fingers while eating. If required, use four fingers except for the little finger. Do not put your fingers in the food up to their roots.

6. Do not take a bid morsel, nor a small one. Put the second morsel into your mouth only after swallowing the first one.

7. Do not wipe your fingers with bread.

8. Avoid brushing off the loves and refrain from knocking them about also.

9. Eat out of the plate from the side nearest to you. Do not put your hand in the middle of the plate or extend your hand to eat from that edge of the plate near other diners.

10. If the morsel drops from your hand, then pick it up and eat it after cleaning or washing it.

11. Eat-in company. Dining in the company promotes benevolence and love and is a source of blessing.

12. Do not find fault with the food.

13. Do not eat while the food is piping hot or simmering.

14. Avoid breaking into guffaws or indulging in too much conversation while eating.

15. Do not sniff food needlessly. Do not often open your mouth so wide while eating.

16. Sit down to eat and sit also own while drinking water. However, you can eat fruits or drink water while standing.

17. Do not blow on the articles of food.

18. If some soup is left over in the plate, drink it;

19. Take three breathing pauses while drinking water.

20. While eating in company pay due to the slow diners’ and those who eat fast, they rise only when all others have finished eating.

21. When you have finished eating, lick your fingers, and then wash your hands.

22. Do not pick up two pieces or slices at once while eating fruits.

23. Do not drink water from the spout of the water pot. Drink from such a container that you may see the water you are pouring into your mouth so that no filth or harmful substance goes into your stomach.

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