Hajj Advice: Advice on Your Suitcase

Traveling to Saudi Arabia is not necessarily the easiest of travels, nor is it any easier upon your luggage. For this reason, we highly recommend that you travel with sturdy luggage that you are confident will not break down on you during a critical juncture of the journey. Something to also take into consideration is the size of the luggage. Due to the shifting and moving nature of the Hājj, we recommend a small reasonable size. Think about the fact that you will be getting on and off various buses, planes, and perhaps other modes of transportation.

Prior to leaving, take a picture of your luggage and put the Sara Travel luggage tags on them.
 This small effort on your behalf will become handy should the airline lose your luggage (which happens more frequently than desired). Try to find a unique method of identifying your luggage – this is very useful when there are so many similar styles and colors. Please note: it is crucial that your suitcase and all hand luggages are labeled.

Please remember to pack all scissors and knives in your main luggage, otherwise, they will be confiscated by TSA agents and cause further delay upon you. Be mindful that your liquids are under the allowed limit.

To be continued…

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