Hajj Advice: Packing for Hajj

 What Should an Intending Pilgrim Pack?

  • Ihram
  • Wet wipes (unscented)
  • Neosporin and bandaids 
  • Sunscreen
  • Dramamine or any motion sickness medication
  • Black permanent marker for labeling luggage 
  • Sandals or slippers
  • Vitamin tablets
  • Prescription drugs if needed 
  • Toiletries (unscented for days of Hajj)
  • Bath towels and  face towels 
  • Hairbrush 
  • Feminine toiletries (Unscented) 
  • Tums  
  • Imodium 
  • Lip balm or vaseline
  • Pain killers (eg. Tylenol, Advil, Excedrin (for migraine headaches) etc.) 

While this list covers most of what will be needed during the course of the journey, it is in no way an absolute list one should consider. Do consider the advice of your fellow friends and families who have also made the journey for further advice. 

Note: American Express is not accepted everywhere. Credit cards are typically accepted for most transactions and items purchased. ATMs are readily available in the city of Makkah and Madinah (in most large malls), however, one may not find an ATM during the actual days of Hajj (in Mina, Muzdalifah, and Arafat). 

In addition to the list previously noted, please have the following:

  • Sunglasses 
  • Money/ATM cards (Master and Visa are the standard, call your bank prior)
  • Money belt – to keep money, passport, and other valuables
  • Water bottle (constantly fill it with Zam Zam during the trip)
  • Umbrella (white color umbrella reflects the sun best)
  • Electric shaver/trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Nail clippers (for cutting nails)
  • Qur’an & books of Dhikr, Salawat and Dua
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