Hajj Advice: Understanding You Are in a Hajj Group


If there is one thing we could stress, it would be to understand and realize that you are part of a group in Hājj. You’re not alone. In fact, all of you must work together towards your mutual goal. Look out for your fellow pilgrim at all times. When you arrive in Saudi Arabia, do your best to make a few friends from among the group members that you did not know beforehand. Always assist your fellow pilgrim to the best of your ability and always respect their opinion.

Taking heed from the last paragraph, remember that you are part of a group. Try to keep your fellow group members and coordinators up to date with your activities should you do something outside of the scope of the itinerary. We must mutually work together to ensure everyone is up to date with the latest information available.


Ultimately, you have come here to perform Hājj for yourself, and no one can really take that away from you. You will reap the rewards of what you put in, inshāAllah, and of course, our overarching goal is a Hājj Mabroor.

If any unforeseen circumstances occur, we expect everyone to cooperate and comply with our instructions for the good of the whole group. Don’t freak out. Calm down and approach any issues with adab befitting the Guest of Allah. Remember that ultimately, Hājj is a test of you and everyone’s patience all around. Constantly remind yourself that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that Allah جل جلاله has bestowed upon all of us.

To be continued…

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