Hajj Tips: What to do in Mina?

  • Get ready for prayer approximately an hour before prayer time.
  • In Mina, our prayers are shortened but not joined and each is performed on time. Our entire group will always pray in Jamah (all together).
  • Do Dhikr, Istighfar, Tasbih, Dua and if possible, try to recite the entire Qur’an.
  • Eat and drink, get to know people, but be cautious; only think and speak good, don’t invalidate your Ihram by vain talk, wrangling, quarrels, gossip, arguing, backbiting, and worldly matters in general.
  • Train yourself in patience, respectfulness, truthfulness, gratification to Allah and reduce your needs to the minimum.


  • There will be a reminder after each prayer.
  • No meal service in the hotel during the days of Mina.
  • Whoever wants to go to Jabal al-Rahma or Masjid Nimrah will go on their own accord.
  • Sara International Travel organizes a group to walk together to the Jamarat and Makkah and back to Mina.
  • Changing clothes is difficult in the tents and everyone should be mindful of maintaining respect and dignity at all times.
  • Everybody will have to carry their own luggage, mattress, and blanket.
  • Please ensure you take care of the elderly who travel with you and always try to help others before you care for yourself.
  • Travel light!
  • Do not take the hotel’s blankets and pillows!
  • It is crucial that you label your bags and mattress with your identification.
  • If there is an announcement, please be quiet and listen carefully, even if you do not understand.
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