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Eid-Al-Adha is fast approaching, and once again, SIT is providing the opportunity to offer your Qurbani in Makkah this year.


Was: $199.00  Now: $185.00


We’ve been getting some questions about Qurbani in Makkah & how this year is different:


With Hajj being run differently this year, are we still able to purchase Qurbani animals?

SIT is working with the same farmer who supplied our Qurbani animals in previous years. He ordinarily supplies 5000 sheep for pilgrims during Hajj each year, and he plans years in advance to raise these animals. Since SIT has been facilitating Qurbani in Makkah for the last 30 years now, our farmer friend planned in advance to supply animals for the SIT community this year, in addition to animals for Hajj sacrifices.

Will my Qurbani be processed and distributed within the days of Eid?

Our farmer & processor have many years of experience processing and distributing meat during Hajj. They will ensure that all animals are processed & packaged on the day of Eid, and all meat is distributed the next day to those in need. This is also handled by team members of SIT in Saudi.

Who will receive donations of meat?

The meat from your Qurbani will be donated to the poor of Makkah and the outlying suburbs. The residents of these areas are largely migrants & refugees, with large numbers from West & East Africa, as well as Rohingya from Burma.

How will you ensure my Qurbani is performed according to specifications?

We have a longstanding relationship with our farmers & processor through Hajj & Umrah trips organized by Sara International Travel. SIT’s team has personally supervised their work in the past & is confident they will fulfill their task with ihsan.

Is there any special blessing in having my Qurbani done in Makkah?

In general, actions within the Haram carry special blessings & benefits. One might hope for some barakah in donating to the poor of Makkah, especially during a year when the Hajj quota is reduced & resources will be relatively scarce in the haram.

Can I dedicate animals for other purposes besides Qurbani, like an aqiqah or general sadaqah?

Yes! Please leave a note with us with your specific requests & we’ll ensure they are fulfilled for you.

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