Top 10 Travel tips for Umrah

Pilgrims make a beeline for Hajj and Umrah in large numbers, and when they do that, Saudi Arabia is deluged with a sea of crowd. In such a situation, it becomes crucial that you learn about some traveling tips that simplify as well as quickens your visit for Umrah as compared to others.

Everyone will be eager to get to the sites first, and to ensure that you don’t be the last, peruse these traveling tips and make the most of your spiritual journey. We have taken down the ten most crucial traveling advice for you, so you don’t run pillar to post in a new place.

Here they go!!

# Carry copies of relevant documents

During Umrah, you will be moving against a crowd wherein pilgrims will be packed like sardines. It is highly likely that you will lose your documents or forget where you kept them because of the busy schedule. Therefore, you must carry multiple copies of all the important documents.

Even if you lose one, you will have another one ready to submit to the authorities. Do some research about all the documents that would be needed in Saudi Arabia and be prepared with their multiple copies.

# Plan a journey that simplifies traveling for kids

If your children are accompanying you for Umrah, then you should consider their state of mind too. Children are very agile and restless, and they can even fall sick in the new atmosphere. Consider how well they can tolerate heat and crowd? Can they wait for long hours at the airport and long queues at the mosques? If you take care of these factors, you will be able to plan your journey effectively without having to ask your children to cool their heels in the heat of Saudi Arabia.

Also, your children will be able to enjoy their spiritual journey and make the most of their religious trip. Make sure that you carry their toys along so that it is easy for you to distract them and help them cope with uneasiness in the ambiance.

#Make Dua all the time

Making Dua to Allah is extremely important, especially when you are in Umrah. Do this anytime and every time and enjoy the spiritual high of Umrah. You are fortunate to have traveled to such a holy place and to have gotten time to make prayers to Allah. Make Dua for others and yourself during the entire journey of Umrah.

Chant Allah’s name every moment and feel the spiritual high like never before! You will be closest to Allah here, and we are sure that you would not want to leave his hand at this place. All the pilgrims have reiterated in unison that the spiritual high which envelopes you here has no comparison. So, make Dua all the time and see what magic unfolds.

# Know the rules of Ihram

There is a wide array of rules that need to be strictly followed after you enter the state of Ihram. The act of infringement of these rules invalidates your Hajj, and there are chances that you violate them unintentionally.

E.g., you must know that using perfumes or even scented soaps or shampoos is prohibited when you have entered the state of Ihram. So make sure that you carry unscented soap when you leave for Umrah. Another rule is that men cannot cover their heads with Ihram.

The weather will be scorching, and you will be tempted to wrap a towel on your head to ward off heat. Don’t do it. The other rule is to cover your Awrah once in the state of Ihram. Do your research before leaving for Hajj and learn about the dos and don’ts carefully so that you do not violate any rules during Umrah.

# Carry Umrah and Hajj Journal

It will help you learn about all the rules required to follow during Umrah. The Journal will keep you informed about all the spiritual guidelines that pilgrims must abide by to enjoy a hassle-free stay during Umrah. Read this Journal and keep a small note pad ready to take down all the essential things that you should not forget in a foreign land.

# Pack all the essentials and make it light

You will need a hundred things during your stay in Saudi Arabia for Umrah such as slippers, Sun hats, Sun cream, nappies, Vaseline, travel pillows, bedsheets, camping mattresses, tissues, towels, travel toiletries, etc.

Arrange a small bag for keeping all this stuff and pack them in a way that augments space in the bag. But, make sure that you do not carry your entire home in the small bag and overload yourself. Remember, traveling light is the best way to ensure a smooth and faster way out of the crowd.

# Maintain Barber hygiene

Barber hygiene becomes essential because both men and women have to cut their hair on the completion of Umrah. Men are required to cut their hair all around, even if they don’t shave it. However, it recommends to shave their head entirely, and if you do so, make sure that your barber is using a new blade. It is the mandate from the Saudi government, and most of the barbers follow it. But, you have to be very careful and ask the barber to use a new blade on your head.

It is necessary to ward off blood-borne diseases such as Hepatitis C to spread to you from the dried blood of the previous customer. Be extremely careful and meticulous about barber hygiene when you go to him. Women have to be extra particular about not exposing themselves and do not cut your hair at Kaaba. First, come back to your place of
accommodation, take off your Hijab, and then go for the cutting.

# Visit Rawdah in the night

Rawdah is a paradise on its own and is nestled beautifully inside the Prophet’s Masjid in Madinah. Visitors can quickly identify it as it is floored with a green carpet. Since Madinah witnessed a massive influx of pilgrims, Rawdah remains packed with people who vie for a place to pray in the Rawdah.

So, be ready to pray in a small space against a horde of other devotees. The best time to visit Rawdah is at night. If you are prepared to wait for a few hours after Isha or a few hours before Fajr, you will see a lesser rush at Rawdah. This time will be the best time to pray with ease and comfort. You will get enough peaceful time for reflection in this duration without any bustling crowd interfering with your prayer.

# Learn some Arabic sentences in your extra time

If you already know Arabic, you will not have a hard time communicating with the people in Saudi Arabia. However, if you don’t know Arabic, you can try to learn a few Arabic sentences. If, by any chance, you get a little free time, use it to learn some basic Arabic sentences so that you can understand what the drivers or shopkeepers or native people would say. It will
become easier to converse with the local public and ask them about directions, shops, toilets, etc.

# Have patience

There will be hundreds of pilgrims just like you, wandering in a foreign land, and it is very natural to lose your cool in big crowds. But, try to keep your calm and patience in the heat and do not push others or engage in brawls over useless things.
Remember that you have come to reflect on your life and get closer to Allah. Do not let bickering ruin your spiritual journey. Be kind to others, and Allah will take note of your kindness and shower his blessings.


We hope that our traveling tips bring a happy and easy Umrah journey for you. Go through our advice carefully and make sure that you follow each and everything seriously to have a comfortable stay in Saudi Arabia.

A large number of people will be coming to the pilgrim site, and if you want to beat the harmful effects of such crowds, follow these tips diligently and enjoy a healthy spiritual itinerary to Allah.