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Hajj 2022

Hajj 2022 Ruby A #3 Madinah 1st

Hajj 2022 Ruby A #3 Madinah 1st

$13500 / per person
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12 Days 5 Star Ruby A Group (Jamarat Tents) Hajj 2022 package – Madinah First

Some of the well-known Islamic scholars who have made Hajj with us!

Perform your Hajj under scholarly guidance and mentorship.

  • 5 Star hotels
  • Departure: 3 July 2022
  • Arrival: 14 July 2022
  • Makkah: Hilton Convention Center (Near the Haram)
  • Madinah: Movenpick Anwar-Al-Madinah Hotel (1 Minute Away from Haram)


  • 4 in a Room: $13,500
  • 3 in a Room: $14,500
  • 2 in a Room: $15,500

Departure & Return Location

Air Flights from NY, LAX, SFO, CHI, IAH, IAD, SEA

Package Dates

  • Departure: 3 July 2022
  • Arrival: 14 July 2022

Price Includes

  • Round trip airfare
  • Makkah: Hilton Convention Center (Near the Haram)
  • Madinah: Movenpick Anwar-Al-Madinah Hotel (1 Minute Away from Haram)
  • Ground Transport via private Bus
  • Medical Assistance by the medical team
  • 24/7 On-Call Support (Local & SIT Staff)
  • 5* Hotels before and after Hajj
  • Ziyarahs in Madinah
  • Half-board in Makkah/Madinah Hotels
  • Full-board during Hajj days
  • Scholarly Guidance and Mentorship

Food & Services of this package

  • Breakfast and dinner buffets are provided in Makkah and Madinah hotels
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided during the days of Hajj
  • Dedicated office staff to cater to all pre-Hajj questions and procedures
  • Dedicated Hajj coordinator and scholar (Shaykh) for guidance throughout the Hajj
  • Dedicated Sara Travel Medical doctor for general assistance
  • Ground staff of locals assisting you throughout the trip
  • Over 5 Hajj seminars online/in-person, PDFs, and a personalized guidebook
  • Premium tents in Mina in Jamarat Section with 3 meals
  • Hajj seminars and orientation
  • Ministry of Hajj Buses during Hajj
  • Tent and hotel prices have not been released and may be altered due to Covid-19 restrictions. There may be an additional surcharge once those and other prices are announced.

Sara Travel Exclusives & Gifts

  • Complimentary Items: Ihram, Musallah + other items
  • Educational training and books before you depart
  • Personalized ID badges

Price Excludes

  • Qurbani (optional extra $150)
  • Hajj fee to the Saudi Government ($500)
  • Saudi has introduced two taxes recently: A 15% VAT and a 5% Municipality tax. Sara Travel is sharing some of the costs to help our pilgrims. Your portion of the increased costs is estimated at $600 per person as mentioned above. (Subject to minor change per the Saudi Government)
  • Domestic flights to international gateways
  • FedEx or any other document mailing costs
Important Notes
  • Due to the unprecedented situation, regarding the global pandemic, itineraries, programs, and prices are subject to change. Any changes will be announced as soon as they are known, and client will have the opportunity to pay any differences in their program or request a refund.
  • Prices are based on travel from New York (JFK), Chicago, Washington, Boston, and Houston gateways based on Turkish Airlines. Other airlines and gateways are available at extra cost.
  • Trip dates subject to change due to Islamic Calendar changes, Hajj ministry rules, airline policy or local delays within Saudi
    During the Hajj season, Hotel Management at Makkah and Madinah, reconfigure the bed layout and the bed sizes in the hotel rooms to accommodate the large number of pilgrims or COVID rules. 
  • Tent and hotel prices have not been released and may be altered due to Covid-19 restrictions. There may be an additional surcharge once those and other prices are announced.

12 days



Sunday. July 3rd

Insha’Allah, today you will depart from the USA.

Monday. July 4th

  • Arrive at transit airport and transfer to Madinah airport.
  • Arrive at Jeddah airport and proceed to immigration and custom.
  • The hotel is in the central shopping area of Haram remarkably close to the sisters & brothers’ entrance of the Haram.
  • Check in the hotel and have dinner in the hotel.
  • Proceed to Masjid An-Nabawi and offer your Salaams to Rasulullah.

Tuesday. July 5th

  • Insha’Allah, walking/guided tour of Masjid An-Nabawi and historical sites around the Prophet’s Mosque then visit Jannat- ul- Baqi. (Cemetery in which over 10,000 Sahabah are buried.)
  • Daily Dars on the Fadail of staying in the city of the Messanger of Allah
  • Don’t forget to Pray extra Salah in Rawdah Al-Shareefah.

Wednesday. July 6th

  • Early morning tour of the City of MadinahAl-Munawwarah.
  • Masjid Quba
  • Masjid Al Jummah,MasjidQiblatain
  • Sabah Masaajid
  • Site of the battle of Uhud (also where the Prophet’s uncle is buried Hamza (ra)
  • Site of Khandak.
  • Don’t forget to Pray extra Salah in Rawdah Al-Shareefah
  • Daily lecture (Dars)
Hajj Seminar with accompanied Imams and local Scholars of Makkah after Salatul Asr.  

Thursday. July 7th

  • Preparation for Hajj.
  • Departure to Makkah in the state of Ihram
  • Arrive in Makkah and check in at your hotel in front of the Haram.
  • Enjoy your Dinner and proceed to the Haram for the performance of Umrah.
  • Complete your umrah and come out of the state of Ihram.
Take some Rest.

Friday. July 8th

Pray Salatul-Fajr in the Haram Shareef and take breakfast in the hotel.

Your Hajj begins today.

  • Arrive in Mina (Stay at VIP Tent in front of the Jamaraat)
  • Recitation of Quran, Lecture & Advice
  • Pray Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha and Fajr Salah

Saturday. July 9th

  • After SalatulFajr in Mina, depart by Mashaer Train for Arafah Spend the entire day at Arafahpray Zuhr and Asr (Qasr)
  • Recitation of Quran, Lecture & Advice.
  • After sunset leave for Muzdalifah, By Train pray Maghrib and Isha at Muzdalifah While in Muzdalifah pick up 49 pebbles.

Sunday. July 10th

  • After SalatulFajr in Muzdalifah leave for Mina by Train
  • Perform Rami (JamratulAqabah)
  • Pelt 7 pebbles in the morning (or at least before sunset) (you may choose to go individually or with the group)
  • Return to HOTEL in Makkah.
  • Offer Qurbani (Zabihah) then shave or cut hair short (for men). Sisters clip.
  • Remove Ihram and change to normal attire.
  • Perform Tawaf Al Ifaadah at the Kabah (if possible)
  • Have your Dinner in the Hotel and return to Mina.

Monday. July 11th

  • Perform Rami Jamarat (at all 3 Locations)
  • 7 pebbles each (after Salatul Zuhr to Maghrib)

Tuesday. July 12th

  • Perform Rami Jamarat (at all 3 locations)
  • 7 pebbles each (after Salatul Zuhr to Maghrib).
  • Return to Hotel in Makkah and spend the night.

Wednesday. July 13th

  • Perform Tawaf Al-Weda’a (Farewell Tawaf).
  • Transfer to Jeddah airport.

Thursday. July 14th


What is a “Non-Shifting” Hajj?

Sara International Travel is the first group from the top Hajj companies to fully transition and offer only “non-shifting”/no aziziyah Hajj packages. This move was done after much consideration and research on how to make the Hajj easier for our pilgrims. Azziyah (Shifting style) package which nowadays is the main choice of most tour operators, consists of stay far from Haram during the peak season of the Hajj for reduction of cost after staying in a hotel for a few days. With our packages, your stay will be facilitated in your Hotel very close to the Haram all throughout the period of Hajj which provides maximum comfort and minimizes hardships. Many of our past clients have said it results in maximum Ibadah (worship). This means, no shifting from your hotel to Aziziyah. Period. No compromises. 
  • This is my second review for Sara Travel. I recently performed Umrah alhamdulillah with a group arranged by Sara Travel. Once again the overall quality of service was unmatched. Their local support staff in both Makkah and Madinah were truly amazing and made the entire stay easy and seamless-from meeting us at the airport to see us off, which allowed us to focus on the purpose. The arrangement of visiting some historical sites and a Museum were also well organized. I would like to commend Imam Sattaur and his team for being diligent and sincere about making sure the journey and accommodation selections are among the best. A group of my family members will be going to Hajj this year with Sara Travel inshallah. I would highly recommend using Sara travel for Hajj and Umrah services.
Ish Ahmed from Umrah 2019
  • Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah, just came back from Umrah/Al Aqsa trip through Sara International, Alhamdulillah everything went well as planned. Shoutout and gratitude to the office staff who handled the bookings flights, hotels, ziyarat, team leaders, Imam, tour guides and ground support staff. My trip was spiritual rejuvenating, smooth and memorable. Hotels were walking distance from the Haram. Will definitely consider Sara International in my future travels.
Zaina Said from Umrah and Jerusalem 2019
  • I have traveled twice with Sara International. This excellent company also handles all the Hajj and Umrah travel arrangements for my teacher, Shaykh Mahy Cisse, and I will never ever again travel to Hajj or Umrah with any other company. The exceedingly excellent accommodations provided have always been the first class 5 Star hotels that was advertised, and yes these hotels were truly steps away from the Masjids.
Abu Safi al-Jamaki from Umrah 2019
  • This was the second time I've used Sara Travels. The first time was Hajj 2009 with my wife and family. This time it was for December Umrah with my wife and two kids. It was a great experience. From the time we landed everything was taken care of by Sara’s Staff. Hotel was already checked in which saved us at-least a few hours and was able to pray Fajr in the prophet mosque. We stayed at the Coral Madinah, which is right across the street from Masjid Nabawi. Sara’s staff was there for everyone 24/7. Imam Zameer was also around if needed. Buses were new and breakfast and dinner was served every night (dinner was complimentary by Sara travels). In Makkah we stayed at the Hilton Convention, it was right across the hotel, no more than a 2-3 min walk. I thought that Sara Travel did good in 2009, however this time around they exceeded expectations. With the service provided, I cant see my self going with any other company.
Mohammed Yusuf from Hajj 2009 and Umrah 2019
  • My experience with Sara Intl Travel was excellent and beyond 5 star. My family and I (6 in total including my grandad 80+ and my little 1 year old) decided to undertake this special journey last year for Umrah very last minute. When we contacted Imam Zameer he personalized a package for us in a timely manner. He obtained our visas within a week, as my husband was abroad in UK & always responded to whatever questions we had whether regarding my baby’s vaccines or any other concerns. He booked us fabulous hotels on the doorsteps of haram, both in Makkah and Madinah — so getting into haram was really super easy. Our stay was beyond imaginable with very competent ground staff in both Makkah and Madinah. I still remember landing in Madinah at 5AM and brother Sulaymaan (who later became like family) was there eagerly waiting for us and taking our luggages, greeting and welcoming us. Both in Makkah and Madinah the Sara Team took care of us and ensured that our trip was excellent in all aspects, including touring of the holy sites, explanations of the sanctity of different places, food, getting fresh dates that was harvested in Madinah, even laundry they got done locally at a much cheaper price than the hotel offered. They definitely went above and beyond! I would therefore highly recommend Sara Intl Travel without any hesitation whatsoever! Thank you for the amazing service and I do hope to travel again with you all in future.
Umm Zakariyya Ali from Umrah 2018
  • It was a last minute decision to do Umrah with Sara since Jerusalem was included. Best decision ever. True professionals. Excellent accommodations. Extremely knowledgable tour guides. After this, you have to acknowledge how limited your understanding of this great Deen is. The historical aspects give one the need to enquire even more. Our group was excellent and came with a single purpose. If someone said today that they experienced a problem…I would say it was not our group or I slept through that one. My personal thanks to our leader Bro. Waheed, Bro Hisham, and our Sheikh who went above and beyond. InshaAllah I will go to Hajj with Sara International.
Fazal Ali from Umrah 2019
  • The first time I traveled with Sara and Imam Zameer was in 2003 to make my first Hajj. Imam is very knowledgeable and takes good care of his pilgrims. For my 50th birthday in 2007 I wanted to be in-front of the Holy Kaaba. By the help of Allah and through Sara International, that became a reality. Imam went out of his way to secure our visas in order for us to travel and be there in time, not only in Mecca but I was able to pray at the Prophet's Mosque. In 2017, wifey and I traveled with Sara International to Hajj and it was the most rewarding experience. Sara's  staff and guides are extremely helpful, they go out of their way to assist. At all times Sara provided two meals per day and even in Mina and on the plains of Arafat, all pilgrims were well fed. The Hotels we stayed at speak for themselves, who can deny the quality of service for The Hyatt. I must add, Hajj is not easy. The mere fact that you have to be with over four million people, in the same place and at the same time, that by itself is a logistic nightmare. So expect the unexpected, my advise to Sara International, prepare future pilgrims about some the difficulties they will encounter which no one has control over. I can go on and on but in a very few words let me say, Sara International Travel is highly recommended.
Rezwan Rafeek from Hajj 2003, Hajj 2017, and Umrah 2019
  • We are very happy we went for hajj with Sara Travel. The numerous staff: doctors, scholars, scouts and people responsible for logistics have been very helpful in making our Hajj comfortable and easier.
Yusuff & Hazima from Hajj 2018
  • We wish to send you a sincere “thank you” for all of your assistance during our recent trip to Umrah. Absolutely the best again. It was invaluable to us and we all realize and appreciate it greatly. Professionalism and efficiency of Sara International was most comforting and reassuring us and we had a peace of mind, that help us in performing our Umrah, Prayers and Duas. We very much appreciate your guidance through out the trip and performed our Umrah according to the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallaho Alayahe Wasallam. From the Day one, we loved the way you planned the Umrah Tour. This was our “Third Trip” to Hajj and Umrah with Imam Zameer Sattaur sahib and wish to do more in future also.
Iqbal Contractor from Hajj and Umrah 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018
  • I am writing to express my gratitude to Sara International and all its staff for the dedication that you put in trying to help us perform our Hajj…my name is Nassor Shabibi and I am from Minneapolis, MN. I want to highlight a few things Sara did that I think helped me personally during the hajj.The daily updates via text messages kept me informed and yet allowed me to be able to concentrate on my ibaadah without worrying about missing important things with regards to the arrangements. The accommodations, Alhamdulillah, were as comfortable as you had promised both in Makkah and Madinah…the group leaders were very helpful and all of them were available to all of us…MashaAllah, the scouts were most welcoming and helpful. They were there for us and helped us with so many logistical questions from where we could get a cup of tea to carrying our luggage between hotels…I would like to personally thank Imam Zameer for helping me personally when I missed my plane…I always pray that Allah will reward you for this gesture, whenever I remember our phone conversation after I realized that I had missed my plane. You assured me that, InshaAllah you will do your best to help me, and Alhamdulillah, by the will of Allah, you were able to arrange for me a flight as soon as it was available. In the meantime you checked on me to make sure I was taken care of by your staff.
Nasser Abdalla Shabibi from Hajj 2015
  • I had been dreaming and planning to go to Hajj for some time…Alhamdulillah I came across Sara Travel…The price for our package was also unbelievably reasonable! Preparation for the Hajj by Sara was very informative and they took us through the step by step of the Hajj and what to expect so that nothing came as a surprise. The in-person seminar in New York, as well as the constant emails and online educational videos, definitely put us in the proper perspective as to what the Hajj was all about. The abundant materials we were given all proved to be most useful. In Medina, Mecca, and Mina, all the preparation, instructions and advice we had been given proved to be very useful and I can personally admit that one of such advice kept this particular pilgrim safe and healthy throughout the entire Hajj. The lodging and feeding arranged by Sara at every stage of the Hajj far exceeded what I had anticipated for such a complex endeavor. I remain highly impressed by the young local guides recruited by Sara International that helped us at every step of our Hajj…I will also make special mention of the two Imams…that always went out of their way to see to the welfare of any of the pilgrims. May Almighty Allah accept the duas of members of Sara International and all those who went out of their way to give us a truly meaningful Hajj in the year 2015 and Insha Allah if we do not meet again on another Hajj, may Almighty Allah allow us to meet in Jannah.
Mustapha Ajani from Hajj 2015
  • I, along with my wife and mom went to the 2015 Hajj with Sara International 5B Package. You will have great things your experience and at times you’ll have hardships because of the millions of people on the same trip, so my best advice is BE PATIENT and not judgmental. Sara International (SI) staff are very nice and seem to be like one big family. The overall application process and preparation for my travel was handled very well by the SI Staff. Each and every time I called their office, I had someone answer all my questions calmly and patiently. I never felt rushed or left on hold when I called their office, and trust me I called a lot for every question I had and they knew me by name from day 1. When we traveled to Saudi, the SI receiving crew worked hard to accommodate everyone’s needs as best they can. We went on tours in Mecca and Madina and it was very educational. Daily lectures from group leaders and staff and I highly recommend you go to these once a day meetings because you get a lot of updates as well about your trip. Those with wheelchairs and disabilities were taken care of and also assisted by fellow hajjee’s and staff . We had a great time with our group and it made the hajj even more memorable. I would highly recommend Sara international for your hajj and umrah travels. Please remember to be patient and humble during your trip in shaa Allah. Look forward to umrah or hajj again in the near future. Thank you Imam Zameer Sattaur and Sara International Staff for coordinating our 2015 Hajj trip.
Sheriff Magee from Hajj 2015
  • My name is Mohamed Abdool Haleem. It was my long desire to complete the Hajj and by the grace of Allah I was granted the permission to do so in 2015. I was so happy that I was able to complete it at this time, since my brother and his wife along with my nephew and his wife and other family members were also on this trip. I must say I am happy I chose Sara international, the service was second to none and even in difficult situations they manage to keep their standard and arrangements promised. Sara International will be there for you, choose them for your Hajj.
Mohamed Abdool Haleem from Hajj 2015
  • The most important thing to keep in mind when going for Hajj is to lower your expectations before you depart the U.S. This is why Hajj is often easier the second time around, because you know what to expect. Many factors are outside of any group’s control, and no matter what group you go with, Hajj will always test your patience. The best thing about going with Sara International are the Shaykhs that accompany you. They ensure that you perform the Hajj properly, instead of what is most convenient to them. They are knowledgeable, accessible, friendly, and available to answer any questions you have. This is an amazing journey, and Sara International’s accommodations (in the VIP package) are the closest possible to all the Holy sites of worship, allowing you to focus on what’s important. May Allah swt bless you with a prosperous Hajj. Ameen!
Omar from Hajj 2009
  • Alhamdu Lillah, I was fortunate to perform Hajj with SIT 2007-2008. Being pleased with the services, I went back with SIT for Umrah in 2009. The service and spiritual guidance provided by SIT from the inception of booking the Blessed trips to the completion of Hajj and to our return to New York was just superb. There were no shortage of food, medical assistance nor overall help on both trips. Accommodation, transportation and time management (Group and individual activities) were all excellent. May Allah SWT reward Imam Zameer, his family and staff, the many Shaikhs and doctors that accompanies him. Looking forward to going with SIT again upon Allah SWT’s invitation.
Faneesa Singh from Hajj 2006, 2007 and Umrah 2009
  • Jazakum Allah Khayran for sending this email to allow us to thank you for making it easier for us to perform Hajj last year. May Allah reward you and all the staff (including the staff in NY, the scholars, and the scouts) who worked so hard to make it possible for us. We wish you and all your staff a Happy Ramadan and may Allah bless you and assist you in planning Hajj for the Muslims.
Laila Malih from Hajj 2009
  • Sara International fulfilled all promises made to us for Hajj. We were very pleased with all services. I highly recommend this company and have recommended them to family/friends. We plan to use them again in the future, insha’Allah.
Fareen Malik from Hajj 2009
  • Sara arranged my Hajj…Allah SWT allowed me to be able to experience the [Hajj]. If Allah SWT never invites me back to His house I can honestly say that Sara made it possible for me to fulfill this pillar of my faith, the journey of my lifetime! Thank you Sara Travel!
Charlene Ross from Hajj 2009
  • Imam Zameer was very nice to me. He personally talked to me on the phone and answered all the questions. I and my wife were very impressed when Imam Zameer helped us out of way. We faced less troubles when we were expecting a lot. The whole journey from Orlando/Frankfurt/Jeddah was excellent.
Sheikh Ijaz Ahmad from Hajj 2009
  • I solemnly believe this organization is a reputable company spending time in Allah’s path and doing for good deeds for Akarat for the whole Muslim ummah and in the service of all Hujjaj. I recommend them.
Farid & Meher Khan from Hajj 2009
  • Overall the service is good…[but] in life there are always no guarantee of 100 % satisfaction; nevertheless I did enjoy my trip and returned quite satisfied despite the minor setbacks. Mission accomplished & that’s all that matters!
Bibi Juman from Hajj 2009
  • This was my second Hajj and was a Hajj-e-badal for my father. I do not have any complaints, you are going there to perform hajj, not a picnic. This was my second time there, Sara Travel delivered what they promised. If Allah takes me there again (which i am praying for) and if i am able to afford Sara’s package I will choose them again. Praying for a repeat trip, I am a very grateful sister. Jazak Allah Khair.
Shahla N. Qureshi from Hajj 2009
  • I thank Allah for blessing me with an easy and successful Hujjaj. Although my Hajj was not difficult for me Allah left my eyes and heart opened to see the difficulties in others, and I came to realize that Hajj is not to be played with no matter how well you prepare yourself, Hajj will push you to the extreme and your faith in Allah will bring you back.
Sabrina Wajid from Hajj 2008
  • Alhaumdullilah my entire family performed Hajj with Sara International…it was a special experience, throughout this sacred journey we guided well from the group leaders. I thank all of them for their help.
Sabira Ghauri from Hajj 2008
  • Just want to let you and the rest of the brothers and sisters who helped in organizing Hajj 2008 know that I appreciate all the efforts that were put into it. I was truly amazed and spiritually dazzled for the whole three weeks I spent in Makkah, Madinah, Mina, Muzdhalifa, Arafat and other places. Truly the best days of my life were those three weeks spent in those places. I prayed to Allah SWT to accept our Hajj and reward all the positive efforts by all involved in the monumental tasks of organizing Hajj and Umrah with Jannah Firdouz Inshallah.
Al Haaj Musbah Olapade from Hajj 2008
  • I came upon Sara International Travel via an internet search. I sent an email and received a very quick and professional response…I decided to commit to using their Umrah/Hajj services. Al Hamdulillah, Allah led me to the right source. I made Umrah/Hajj in 2008. Sara provided various resources to assist us in this undertaking: live and video seminars to educate us about the Umrah/hajj rituals/requirements and the time frames involved in the various visits to historical locations in the Mecca and Medinah areas. Additionally, the Group Leader(s) were well informed and provided the knowledge to facilitate proper Umrah/Hajj performance. May Allah grant the best of rewards to Sara International and all of its staff for contributing to the best of our “journey of a lifetime”.
Idris Abdur Raqqib from Hajj 2008
  • As this was our first trip to perform Umrah, We were very excited and prayed to Allah (SWT) everything would go well. As it turned out it was The Greatest experience of a lifetime, Alhamdulillah. One we will be sure to remember forever. Our journey began in Makkah where we performed our Umrah. It was an honor to be part of the Sacred Knowledge Retreat. It was an honor to have sat among the Grand and esteemed Sheikhs of the Holy Cities, Mashaallah. Alhamdulillah what a blessing, we will always cherish these memories. We thank Imam Zameer for organizing this tour. We highly recommend Sara travel to our family and friends and to everyone who decides to go for Hajj and Umrah.
Ismail Pathan from Umrah 2008
  • The trip was one to remember for life, the people were of varying backgrounds and excellent company. Everything was provided for with the organizers of unusual generosity. The accommodation was very good and food of equal standard. The organizers set an excellent balance for education, entertainment, and ziyarah. It was surprising in that the people we came to meet. Seeing these people was enough of a reason to travel to Hijaz and Shaam. A trip to cherish.
Mohamed Zaheer Yaqoob from Umrah & Dawrah 2007
  • May Allah (swt) bless you and your family and reward you for all your effort to make the Hajj possible for many. I just wanted to say Thank You! for making it possible for us to perform the Hajj with ease and comfort. I have seen how difficult it is to organize such a trip and what a daunting task it is. May Allah (swt) give you the tawfiq to continue in His cause. My family appreciates all you have done for us and we make du’a to Allah (swt) to make it easy for you on future trips. Also, please thank Syad, Imaam from Westbury, Br Kem, the scouts and all the others who made the trip a success.
Nazir Hassan from Hajj 2004 and 2006
  • I was fortunate enough to be called for my first hajj this past year. The first thing I prayed for before leaving New York was that Allah (swt) make this Hajj easy for myself and my family. I could not be happier with how it went. There was absolutely no stress and nothing to worry about while traveling with Sara International Travel. From the moment we stepped off the plane in Jeddah, everything was organized and taken care of for us. I had heard many horror stories of how many hours people would spend in the Jeddah Airport, and on the buses to Makkah and Madinah. We experienced neither. In addition to all of that, the trip was very educational and informative. Imam Zameer and his staff of scouts held many educational meetings and seminars to help the hujjaj have a better sense of understanding of why exactly we were there. Also, they were always available to answer any questions we had or talk about any of our concerns. Overall my first Hajj experience was truly an unforgettable one, and a large part due to Sara International Travel. Thank You.
Mallick Family from Hajj 2004, 2005, 2006, 2009
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