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Turkey – Muslim Legacy Tour – Thanksgiving 2021

Turkey – Muslim Legacy Tour – Thanksgiving 2021

$2399 / per person
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The Sara Travel Ottoman Legacy Tour

An Islamic History Tour of Turkey

  • Price: $2399 – Double Occupancy 
  • November 20-28
  • 5-star hotels in all cities
  • Three Cities: Bursa, Istanbul, Soğut
  • Leave from JFK (other gates such as London, Port of Spain, CHI, IAD, Dallas etc also available)
  • Breakfast served in all hotels
  • Ground staff & amazing guided tours of each city
  • Group accompanied by a professionally trained staff member and coordinator

Places of Interest

  • We intend to visit a number of the sacred and significant sites of that land insha’Allah
    • The maqam of Abu Ayyub al-Ansari رضي الله عنه
    • Topkapi Museum and Palace where the sacred relics of the Prophet ﷺ are housed
    • The maqam of Ertugrul Ghazi
    • The maqam of Mehmet the Conqueror of Constantinople
    • The Hagia Sophia mosque (for Jumu’ah prayer)
    • İznik
    • Osman Gazi Tomb (Founder of Ottoman Dynasty)
    • Bursa Ulu Mosque
    • The Green Mosque
    • Tophane
    • The Blue Mosque
    • The Suleimaniyye Mosque

Package Price Also Includes

  • Round trip airfare from our main gateway 
  • Ground transportation and airport transfer
  • Visa fees and taxes

Food & Other Services of This Tour Package

  • Breakfast buffets are provided in hotels
  • Dedicated office staff to cater to all pre-travel questions and procedures
  • Dedicated coordinator throughout the Tour
  • Ground staff of locals assisting you throughout the trip

We want you to experience our faith and history like none other.


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