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Muslim Legacy of Sicily

Muslim Legacy of Sicily

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Immerse yourself in the Muslim Legacy of Sicily – from October 29, 2022, to November 5, 2022

The island of Sicily was home to a thriving Muslim Civilization for 300 Hundred Years.

Join Muslim Legacy for a carefully crafted experience exploring the historic lands of the Emirate of Sicily, tasting delicious food, and more…

Come, let’s explore the history of Islam in Italy

We will visit the great city of Palermo, Cefalu, Enna, Trapani, Monreale, Realmonte, Catania, Taormina, and more!

This journey will feature lessons with Shaykh Hamzah Maqbul, local guides, and Muhammad Sattaur, to help us reconnect with the great Imams of this land, the pious people, and our vibrant history in these lands.


  • Arabic signs and writings in a Christian Church?
  • A templar church built by the Crusaders in the shape of a mosque? In Palermo?
  • Taste classic dishes from recipes passed down for over 1100 years
  • A heaven-like garden inside the old town of Palermo, reminiscent of Al-Andalus?
  • Local pottery and art methods that share an origin with the craftsmen of Tunisia
  • Muslim Castles in the spectacular Italian countryside
  • And much, much more..

Connect with our historic legacy in the Emirate of Sicily, taste world-renowned cuisine, enjoy great company, make new friends, and partake in a unique experience in a rich and neglected aspect of our history.

Guided tours & lessons with knowledgeable scholars and guides

Shaykh Hamzah Maqbul will accompany us throughout the trip, bringing a wealth of both sacred and historical knowledge to the Emirate of Sicily. Local guides will provide their unique perspective and experience. The trip will provide daily sessions and experiences with our teachers.

Hotels & Services

Hotels in all cities are the best 4-star hotels, selected based on our own experiences. the best 4**** hotel groups in Italy based on double occupancy.

  • Full board meals in local restaurants with exclusive 100% Halal arrangements
  • Private transportation.
  • 24 hours full personal assistance.

Tour Overview

Dates: October 29 -November 6
Accommodation: The Best 4-Star Hotels
Assistance: Daily Lectures & Tours
Food: 3 Meals Included Daily
Support: 24 Hour Assistance from Ground Staff
Transport: Ground transportation and airport arrival pickup
Costs: Includes admission fees for Museums, Visa assistance if needed, and Pre-travel videos with scholars


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