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Muslim Legacy: Uzbekistan

Muslim Legacy: Uzbekistan

$2399 / per person
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Immerse yourself in the Muslim Legacy of Uzbekistan…

Join Muslim Legacy and Imam Ghazali Institute for a carefully crafted experience exploring the historic lands of Imam al-Bukhari, praying in majestic Masajid, tasting delicious food, and more…


March 5th to 13th

Journey to the historic cities of the ancient Silk Road, and visit the maqam of the great scholar and Muhaddith of this Ummah, Imam al-Bukhari.

A transformative journey that will fill your heart with love and reverence for our rich history.

We’ll visit the great city of Tashkent, the ancient and majestic Bukhara, and the imperial capital of Samarkand, insha’Allah.

This journey will feature:

  • Lessons with Shaykh Hamzah Maqbul, to help us reconnect with the great Imams, the pious people, and our vibrant, living history in these lands

  • A chance to explore the sacred destinations of Samarkand, Bukhara and Tashkent

  • The rare opportunity to visit the resting places of many world-renowned scholars of Islam

Some highlights of the trip will include visits to:

  • The Maqam of Imam al Bukhari, the collector of the hadith “Sahih al‐Bukhari”

  • The Maqam Khwaja Baha al‐Din Naqshband

  • The Maqam of Abu Mansur al-Maturidi, the founder of the Maturdi school of Creed

  • The Maqam of Qussam Ibn Abbas, the cousin of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Other famous destinations include: The Mausoleum of Shāh-i Zindah – Kusam ibn Abbas, Samani Mausoleum, Bolo Hauz mosque, Ark complex, Poi Kalon Ensemble of Kalan Minaret, Kalan mosque, and Mir Arab Madrassah.


Guided tours & lessons with knowledgeable scholars and guides

  • Shaykh Hamzah Maqbul will accompany us throughout the trip, bringing a wealth of both sacred and historical knowledge. Local guides will provide their unique perspective and experience. The trip will provide daily sessions and experiences with our teachers.
  • Pre-travel seminars will prepare you for an exciting and transformative journey.


  • March 5-13
  • 4 and 5-star Hotels
  • Daily Lectures & Tours
  • Breakfast included daily
  • 24 Hour Assistance from Ground Staff
  • Ground transportation and airport arrival pickup
  • Includes admission fees for Museums
  • Visa fees included
  • Pre-travel seminars with scholar and logistics team

USA (with Flight)

$2399 USD (Double Occupancy – Open to all) (From JFK; other major cities available)

Land Package (No Flight)

$1499 USD (Double Occupancy – Fly from any where in the world)

Private Single Room Available for +$500

United Kingdom (with Flight)

£1499 GBP (Double Occupancy)

(Other major cities/countries also available)

All inclusive with airline ticket, hotels, transportation, ziyarah, breakfast, and complete land package






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