Traveling for Hajj and Umrah with a Group vs. Individual

Hajj and Umrah are the most sacred events and pilgrimages that every Muslim wishes to perform once in a lifetime. Though Umrah is not an obligatory pilgrimage like Hajj, it also holds enormous value and rewards for Muslims. These pilgrimages are performed with the utmost spirit and strong intentions to seek forgiveness from the Almighty.

If you are up to this sacred event, you have two options to travel to Mecca to perform these pilgrimages in groups with other families or individuals. Many of the pilgrims travel in groups or with their families and kids to deliver the holy ritual. Traveling in a group and individually to perform these pilgrimages both have a few pros and cons.

Let’s discuss them so that you can opt for the right package for Hajj and Umrah following your preference.

Traveling for Hajj and Umrah in group            

When it comes to traveling with a group, you have to choose the trip regarding the package. Performing Hajj and Umrah with a group is more advantageous than performing it individually. This is because you have to decide when traveling in a group; one is the random group, and the other is the proximity group.

The random group is not from your region, city, country, and utterly anonymous to you like all other people in Haram Shareef.

The other type of group is proximity gathering because it contains the people of your family, neighbors, peers, relatives, or someone you know. These groups are first formed by the people and then consulted by the same agency to travel to the sacred land. On the other hand, in the random group formation, you are booked with some random people, and the only thing you know about them is their language, customs, and norms so that it would be easy for you to know them and communicate with them.

Majorly, the proximity groups are much better than the random groups as in close proximity, the people already know each other and care for each other. You have a mutual understanding and can trust the person about your belongings and stuff. Whereas, in a random group, you can’t quickly get comfortable with the random people in your group.

Hajj and Umrah’s group packages are also affordable because many people on the board have meals, accommodation, and transportation with each other. It is reasonable, and being in a group makes the pilgrimage more budget-friendly.

Traveling for Hajj and Umrah individually

When talked about private Umrah traveling, they can be considered as good in their terms. You can have privacy, and you don’t have to bother or concern others’ comfort, like in group travel. It can be said more people on board, more worries. So, it is useful in a way that you get to move on your own without waiting for others from place to place and point to point.

Compared to the group traveling packages, the individual packages are more costly because you are bestowed with separate accommodations, transportation, and food. However, in an individual traveling package, you get the opportunity to plan your tour according to your comfort and convenience.

How Sara International Travel makes the best travel agency for Hajj and Umrah?

Be it for Hajj or Umrah, Sara International Travel serves you throughout the year to help you travel to the sacred land to perform your pilgrimage with full content and convenience.

At Sara International Travel, we offer various personalized packages from high standard to low-cost packages and group to individual and customized packages for Hajj and Umrah across the USA.

Our vision of offering the Ummah with a one-stop solution for Hajj and Umrah makes us the determined travel agency team endeavoring to proffer the pilgrims an opportunity to perform the pilgrimages at the best deals in comfort. We offer assistance for the pilgrims to choose the right package according to their comfort requirements and needs.


Suppose you are having a group with random people, or taking your family or traveling individually. In that case, you should weigh the options first and select the Hajj Package or Umrah package that suits your requirements the best. To start with the right footing, you must know what you are looking for. Fortunately, you are also provided with the assistance to choose the packages by the experienced staff at Sara International Travel. We help you scrutiny different packages available and choose the ones with the best of their facilities and services depending upon the number of people you are traveling with. So, with Sara International Travel, get ready for the smooth, worry less, and comfortable Hajj and Umrah trip.


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