What is a “Non-Shifting” Hajj?


Sara International Travel is the first USA and Canada Hajj group from amongst the top 10 largest companies to fully transition and offer only “non-shifting”/no aziziyah Hajj packages. This move was done after much consideration and research on how to make the Hajj easier for our pilgrims.

Non-Shifting Style Hajj Package

Azziyah (Shifting style) package which nowadays is the main choice of all tour operators, consists of stay far from Haram during the peak season of the Hajj for reduction of cost after staying in a hotel for a few days.

With our packages, your stay shall be facilitated in your Hotel very close to the Haram all throughout the period of Hajj which provides maximum comfort and minimizes hardships. Many of our past clients have said it results in maximum Ibadan. This means, no shifting from your hotel to Aziziyah. Period. No compromises. 

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